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Vote No on Measure EE! Stop the Property Tax Increase

Measure EE is a vote to increase property taxes on all homeowners, renters and businesses. The 16-cent per square foot tax on all properties will flow into the School District’s general fund with no requirement that revenue be spent in the classroom or on our kids.

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Why You Should Vote No On Measure EE

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The Cost of Measure EE

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Measure EE has no cap
on administrative expenses

  • LAUSD already spends $7.5 billion a year
  • The June 4th Special Election will cost $12.5 million to conduct
  • Thanks to a back-room deal between the union and district bureaucrats, the district projects a > $400 million annual shortfall
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UTLA has made itself clear

  • Grab $6 billion of our tax dollars over 12 years
  • Eliminate Prop 13’s protections for small business owners, businesses and, ultimately, homeowners

$500 million property tax
on homes, apartments and businesses

  • 7% increase on your property taxes
  • The average property cost is $537
  • Apartment rents will increase
  • Local businesses will pay $1600 for every 10,000 square feet

Vote No on Measure EE

Stop Measure EE

Organizations Opposed to Measure EE

Add Your Organization

LAUSD Teachers Oppose Measure EE

Dolly Allen Buchanan
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Dolly Allen Buchanan

LAUSD Teacher

“We walked miserably in the rain and lost 6 days of pay because we followed a union leader who insisted there was large reserve that the district was hiding. Well apparently there wasn’t. Caputo-Pearl’s main goal all along was to increase properties taxes and used us to influence public opinion... Now we have this measure being pushed through... I didn’t go on strike to be blindsided by having my property taxed...pretty dam sneaky.”

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Reymundo Rodriguez

LAUSD Teacher

“I am an instructor with LAUSD and a member of UTLA, When we went on strike we were told that LAUSD had the money to meet our demands but now they want us to back a Measure that doesn't assure us that it would go to the classrooms They lied to us… and now they want me to vote to for this NO WAY”

Kathy Kaufman-Shapess
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Kathy Kaufman-Shapess

LAUSD Teacher

I am an LAUSD teacher and I oppose this measure. The district has plenty of money, especially if those in charge would get rid of the gross waste. Vote NO on EE.

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Vote Against Measure EE

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“The teachers, parents and students at LAUSD are hard-working and dedicated. But they can only work so hard to overcome the systemic failure of leadership by the district.”

– Stuart Waldman, San Fernando Valley Business Journal

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“The biggest reason all Los Angeles voters should vote no on Measure EE is that this bailout would remove the pressure for needed reforms.”

– Jon Coupal, Daily News

“Rather than take the necessary steps to improve the operations and finances of the District, the Board and UTLA believe that more and more of our money will solve the problem. It is like throwing more good money into the fire.”

– Jack Humphreville, LA Watchdog for CityWatch

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Pledge to Vote!

We can’t afford to let LAUSD bureaucrats waste more tax dollars on bloated administrative costs, pensions and consultants. Our kids deserve better.

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